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Entry #6

Mah PS3

2010-12-29 19:44:59 by oddo323

Finally, after a year of frustration, my PS3 is online!! My router wouldn't accept the mac address or something, and even the Sony helpline didn't know what to do. But at last, my stepdad got me a wireless ethernet cable for Christmas (hope you enjoyed btw :D). Didn't even know you could get 'em! Plus, I just got the platinum trohpy for Assassin's Creed 2 (achieved every single trophy). If you want to add me, PM me. I really need help getting every prize bubble on LittleBigPlanet!!

Off topic, I'm going to try changing my account name to Skyeward, although I have no idea how. Help would be appreciated :)

~ Oddo323 (Skyeward)


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2011-02-10 14:47:24

yo holmes

oddo323 responds:

Hey gypsy