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Mah PS3

2010-12-29 19:44:59 by oddo323

Finally, after a year of frustration, my PS3 is online!! My router wouldn't accept the mac address or something, and even the Sony helpline didn't know what to do. But at last, my stepdad got me a wireless ethernet cable for Christmas (hope you enjoyed btw :D). Didn't even know you could get 'em! Plus, I just got the platinum trohpy for Assassin's Creed 2 (achieved every single trophy). If you want to add me, PM me. I really need help getting every prize bubble on LittleBigPlanet!!

Off topic, I'm going to try changing my account name to Skyeward, although I have no idea how. Help would be appreciated :)

~ Oddo323 (Skyeward)

Sharp Noodles

2010-08-02 12:44:07 by oddo323

I just cut myself on noodles. Seriously.


2010-07-24 06:14:43 by oddo323

I have been asked to write a score for a short film being made by one of my friends called Grim.The music is finished as far as the script is written, but I don't have the up-to-date script at the moment, so when I get the rest of the script, I'll upload the score. Check it out! The description will explain what is happening during the film throughout.

Meanwhile, I've just uploaded an edited version of One Sided War. The bass is quieter, and also the bass is slightly edited. Enjoy!


2010-07-03 06:26:15 by oddo323

At last, my first track is up!!

One sided war, two sided story - Supposed to be called "Even one-sided wars have a two-sided story." But the character limit doesn't allow. Anyway, listen/rate/review/etc. Thanks!

EDIT - Wow, I had to edit this because the title was spelt wrong. I need sleep....


Oddo323 here! I have suddenly decided to offer my services to the good people of NG as a music composer ^^ I play piano and guitar, and I have been writing my own music for a long time (from about 6, maybe?) I write in many different styles: Classical, ambient, piano solos, classical/small orchestral, and my personal favourite, heavy rock/metal/math metal!!

I am constantly forming musically awesome ideas in my head (even had two neat little tunes in a dream!! :o ) My head is swimming, and oftentimes, some spill out 'cos there's no room left for others. I forget so many of them that it seems a bit of a waste.... So if you are wanting any music for some neat Flash work you have concocted, please reply or PM me. Tbf, i'm more likely to reply to a PM, but whatevs.

I've submitted my first piece of music to NG (anyone know roughly how long it'll take to be checked by the mods?) so I'll reply to or edit this once it's up. I'll try to upload something new every few weeks or so after that; I only have every other weekend to use my music software, unfortunately, so I won't be constantly spewing new material onto NG ^^

Still, if you're interested in some music for your animations, games, collabs or whatever, reply here or PM me. As I said, I write all of what I said up there ^ and I'll try my hand at most other stuff too :D

~ Thanks, Oddo323


2010-06-04 08:17:51 by oddo323

Just added my first track to NG! It'll be on once the admins have checked it.